Black Lodge Recording is a multi-purpose recording facility located just a block from the Myrtle/Broadway JMZ station and a short walk from the L and G trains, right in the heart of Brooklyn's flourishing music scene. 

Black Lodge is owned and operated by Vishal Nayak and Michael J. Thomas III, both multi-instrumentalist producers and engineers who bring to every session at the studio, years of experience working with a diverse range of acclaimed artists in multiple genres, both on tour and in the studio. For more info, please visit our staff page and check out our list of clients to see who’s been at Black Lodge recently.

Black Lodge’s hybrid recording setup brings the best of both the digital and analog worlds together in a space that is comfortable and inviting. Our gear selection includes a Universal Audio Apollo 16 Quad coupled with a fantastic analog front-end comprised of top-of-the-line preamplification and some choice outboard equipment. Our lovingly curated selection of microphones, drums, guitars, vintage synthesizers and amplifiers offer plenty of inspiration.